Monday, September 21, 2009

※Symmetrical Memories※Death the kid☆Lemon oneshot☆(Request for GlassHopes)


Name: Chaos Saint Memories
Age: Looks around 12-14
Birthday: December 24,????
Looks:Pic is above
Status: Meister
Personality: crazy, mental problems, weird, nice, sometimes rude, random, CHAOS, she likes to mess everything up
Family: Her Mother is unknown, well her foster mother Mrs. Blue is her name ---->Pic in the story on my quizilla account
Bio: Unknown but had a terrible, sad, bloody past
Weapon: Hammer; Tayo
Name: Tayo
Age: 5
Hair: Golden yellow hair that is always tied up in a short pony tail.
Eyes: Amber
Clothes: Wears a long baggy sweatshirt; creamy orange no shorts lol it looks like he wears a dress
Personality: happy, full of sunshine, never gets mad NEVER, nice, kind, polite, cute, he always have a chibi look which is adorable.


Tayo transform into his hammer form, he sighs as you start to fight off to collect the souls that was needed for Tayo.

“Chaos we only need one more witch soul and three other souls.” Tayo reminds.

“I know now we got one again, we need to head back.” You said, Tayo transforms following you.

“Ah Chaos, Tayo did you get another soul?” Mrs Blue asked as you and Tayo entered back.

“We did.” You replied, then some one in the distance caught your eye; Death the kid. You smiled looking away from the others, you looked up once more.

“See yea mom.” You say to Mrs. Blue as you pulled Tayo aside with you.

“What was that about?” He asked curiously, then follows your gaze.

“Tayo, do you think he will ever notice?” You asked.

“He would be a fool not to Chaos.” Tayo replies, you smile to him as you walked over to Death the kid.

“Hey Death.” You smile, his expression was smug. You and Tayo walked one with a smile, as Tayo hugs you from the side.

“I am proud that you said something this time.” Tayo praises.

“Yea me to, so lets go get some more souls to better you up with.” You laughed, he nods as you both headed to your next destination.

[A week later]

“Chaos!” Someone shouts, you look over your shoulder seeing someone coming. Then Death the kid shadows out.

“Yes?” You reply.

“Wil-” He started then stopped as Tayo approached, Death turns around walking away.

“We found out next mission.” Tayo says excitedly.

“Good well I wonder what he wanted to say?” You asked out loud.

“Well he’ll come back and tell you later I guess.” Tayo says, as he pulls your with him happily.

“You’re right Tayo.” You smile, he nods. You and Tayo walked down meeting up with Black Star, Tsubaki, Maka and Soul.

“Hey Guys so ready for our annual maintenance with Professor Stein?” You asked them, their eyes widen shaking their heads no rapidly.

“Awe come one he isn’t that bad.” Tayo states, they look to him.

“Che that is because you two don’t mind being hit is this energy.” Soul states.

“True.” You and Tayo laugh.

“Has anyone see kid around?” Soul asked out of the blue, everyone but you and Tayo shake your heads no.

“He seemed occupied, he wanted to say something but when Tayo walked over he stopped.” You said pondering.

“Really?” Maka asked.

“Yep!” Tayo shouts excitedly.

“Tsubaki, Black Star we better head on.” You stated with a light laugh then looked over your shoulder at Maka and Soul.

“Oh don’t think I forgot about you two either.” You laughed, they sweat drop hoping this time Stein wouldn’t be so hard.

[Later on, after your annual maintenance]

“Ok see you later then Tsubaki, Black Star.” You, and Tayo said waving bye to them.

“Maka, do you like Soul or something?” You asked her, she shakes her head no.

“Do you like Tayo or some one else?” She asked, Tayo and Soul stood in front talking and listening.

“Tayo is more a friend or brother, and there is some one I do like though.” You replied, Tayo and Soul look over their shoulders at you and Maka.

“Who would that be?” She asked.

“Death the kid.” Tayo states happily, Soul and Maka looked to him then you.

“Not cool.” Soul noted.

“Why not?” You asked.

“He is ‘Symmetrical’ with everything.” Soul says sourly.

“I know but you cant help who you like.” You said, Tayo nods and so does Maka.

“Speaking of kid there he is.” Soul says then adds. “Let’s go Maka.” She smiles and follows Soul. While you and Tayo continue to head home, he stops as the Thompson sisters hook elbows with him dragging him away.

“Follow me.” He orders, you simply do and both walked around the front of the school sitting on its steps.

“Ok so what did you want to tell me?” You asked, he take in a deep breath.

“No words would describe what it is I would like to say.” He simply starts, you look to him gazing into his yellow gold eyes as he leans in planting a soft kiss upon your lips. You push him back in shock, unable to remove your hands from his upper chest.

“Wait, I have feeling for you to.” You say, he smiles pulling you back to him lifting you up in his arms carrying you to your home. Mrs. Blue wasn’t home yet since she was doing research with Professor Stein. You open the door, and he kicks it closed.

“Which one is your room?” He asked in a lustful tone.

“That one.” You said pointing to the room on the left side, he nods kicking it open and kicking it closed.

As soon as the door was kicked closed, he leaned your body against the door having your wrap your legs around his waist. He unbuttoned his and your clothing tossing it to one side of the room as he kissed your lips, and bit your lower lip requesting for entrance.

You parted for his tongue to rush inside memorizing every crevice of your mouth then he massaged your tongue with his moving in the weirdest of ways. Once he was satisfied he moved his lips and tongue trailing along the way as he made his way in search of your soft spot.

“Ahh…” You moaned as he found your soft spot, he smirked biting down on it bruising the tender flesh while lapping up the blood the leak through. You unwrapped your legs from around his waist pushing him aside, he growled in annoyance while watching you sway your hips heading towards the bed.

He pushes you down making you lay on your back, while he pulls off your bra and panties. You watched as he placed on hand on your breast massaging it and the other he taunted with his tongue and teeth lightly biting and sucking making the nipple hard. You squirmed with excitement the rushed every core of your body sending chill and warmth that soon spread.

He stopped only long enough to taunt the other breast give it the same treatment as the other had, you purred as his right hand moved down passed your stomach touching your inner thigh. A sudden sensation flourished in between your thigh as he placed his finger tips rubbing over your clit.

“Naaa..Death…” You moaned, he grunts lifting his head to look into your eyes.

“Your wet Chaos.” He huskily says showing you the tips of his fingers. You blush twenty shades of red seeing your juices on his finger tips. He moves his face in between you thighs, you feel him sucking and licking your clit.

“Uuuuhhh…..” You moaned gripping the sheets as he started to stick two fingers inside of you, he slowly pumped them in and out as he looked up seeing the expression placed across your face. He picked up pace moving violently in and out, you cried in pleasure as you came on his fingers.

He pulls them out licking them as he crawled over your whimpering body, you shivered in want and lust as he captured his lips to yours. Your tongues massage each other as you tasted yourself, he grunted as he felt your hands fill there way down.

He pulls away from your lips as you stand up pushing him down on your bed. You reach for his pants unbuckling and unzipping them, as you pull them and his boxers down together. You wrap your fingers around his member as it grows in your hand, you smirk as you lean in licking the tip.

“Hmmm..” He moans, as you engulfed him bobbing your head up and down. He grips the sheets as he feels your teeth tease him, you come back up to the tip as you taste the pre-cum. Licking your lips in a teasing manor you lick and suck around the head, shaft and to the base of his now fully erected member.

“AHhh..ST…OP teasing me.” He grunted holding back as he pulsed inside of you mouth, he tilted his head back cumming inside of your mouth. You spit it out wiping your lips, he pulls you up tossing you on your back side crawling over your body as he positioned himself in between your legs, with out word he thrust up as your cringed.

“It hurts.” You whimpered lightly as you started to get used to his size.

“Only for a moment.” He replies pulling out and thrusting in and out with much speed and strength as he his every nerve in your body sending shivers all around.

“Ki-iidd faster…ah harder.” You moaned and as any man pleasing a woman he smiled at your command picking up inhuman speed thrusting in, out, hard and deep. He continued ramming in and out. He pulled himself out and you took control pushing him on his back and getting on top to ride him.

“Ahh…” He moaned as you lowered yourself on his thick manhood, he quickly grasp your hips lifting you up as he rammed in you. This feeling dubbed over in pure bliss as you rocked and he thrusted deep and fast both you calling each other’s names, with musical moans and groans.

“Ahh…Kid…uhhh.” You seemed unable to form words as he rammed harder and harder.

“Cha-Chaos…uhh…ahh” He grunted huskily, he slowly sat up as if seemed you were giving him a lap dance. He felt the need to take over again as he got you on all fours thrusting upward hard and deep, he began to once again go in and out at inhuman speed and strength.

You felt the need of release as you climax was near, he too felt the same as he continued the thrust you arched your head back.

“KID!” You scream in complete bliss as you came, no more then another few thrust did you hit hard grunting.

“CHAOS!” He moaned out as he released his seed mixing your delighted pleasure. He pulled out laying on your bed pulling you to his heavily panting chest as you both heaved for air. He leaned his head on top of yours as you pulled the sheets over your naked bodies.

“Chaos, even though you’re not Symmetrical as I, it doesn’t bother me.” He stated, then lift your head slightly just enough to see your eyes.

“But it is one memory I will never leave behind.” He finished kissing your forehead as you both started to fall asleep, Mrs. Blue and her night host arrived opening your bedroom door seeing the two of you.

“Symmetrical Memories they shall share.” Mrs. Blue and Professor Stein says closing the door leaving you two there….


  1. I death the kid ^_^ good lemon to. I'm righting a death the kid love story 2 rofl.

  2. This story is awesome. Nice job writing it. Love the theme to it.

  3. I'm sry but if I were a parent and I walked in I would tell him to get his ass moving cause when she wakes up she gonna be in a new world of trouble. But for me I loved it it was FABULOUSNESS thanks and I'm sorry but I'd rather do it at DTK's house soo ya. :)